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Fire Fighting Equipment

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It is very important that firefighters have the best equipment available as they will be encountering dangerous situations to save people’s lives. One type of equipment required would be handheld thermal imaging cameras,... READ MORE

Recommended Alarm Solutions

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We have previously mentioned a particular alarm system – the Hochiki – YBO-BSB (WHT), this is a fire alarm device.  It is very important to have at least one fire alarm in your home... READ MORE

CCTV Software?

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CCTV software is fast becoming a key feature in most CCTV security systems, CCTV software allows you to monitor your site remotely and clearly this is a very powerful tool. Most examples of... READ MORE

The Best Alarm Systems?

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We know that alarms in our home are a very important safety feature, alerting us when we could potentially be in danger. It is very important to test your alarm system every once... READ MORE

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